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Sachse Child Care

Choosing A Child Care Provider

 Choosing A Child Care Provider


Child Care Aware, a partnership for quality child care, recommends five steps to finding quality care.

Look: Do the caregivers enjoy talking and playing with children? Do they talk with each child at the child’s eye level?

Listen: What does the setting sound like? Is it calm? Dull? Loud? Do the children sound happy? Involved? What about the caregiver’s voices? Are they cheerful? Patient?

Count: How many children are in the caregivers? Care? The fewer children, the more attention your child will receive.

Ask: What experience or training do the caregivers have? Quality caregivers will be happy to answer your questions.

Be Informed: At Sachse Child Care, I welcome your questions. Stop in, watch me in action, ask questions and be informed.


Why Choose Me?

I provide an educational, clean, loving environment where your child can grow and learn. I try to work with parents to have a flexible program that would best accommodate your needs. I do my best to make sure that each child feels as though they are in a home environment. Unlike many centers, I feel that children need lots of nurturing which includes generous amounts of hugs and kisses. If given appropriate notice I will (if available) work during evening hours so that overtime commitments are able to be met by parents.